Friday, 11 March 2011

Dromagorteen, Co Kerry

I'd been in Kenmare for the morning and passed a sign for a stone circle on the road back to Glengarriff, just north of the Cork/Kerry border. Not having visited many megaliths in Co Kerry I thought I might as well turn off the main road and have a look, and so I found myself at Dromagorteen stone circle.

The diameter is 33ft and there are thirteen stones in the circle with one in the middle, and a local name for the stones is 'Judge and Jury'. The stones are sited in an exceptionlly beautiful location, though the condition of the circle itself can only be described as poor, very few of the stones still standing.

Not far from the stone circle can be found a Bullaun Stone, which unusually is on its side.

There is also a hill fort to see here. Head for the Bonane Heritage Park at the western end of the Shehy mountains, the stones are five minutes walk uphill from the car park.

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