Thursday, 20 October 2011

Reanascreena, Co Cork

Next stop of the day was the stone circle at Reanascreena, which proved more of a challenge to find than the stones at Maulatanvally, especially as it was a little misty in the West Cork hills, and I had to head across fields intuitively until they appeared.

The locations of the stone circles in the hills and mountains of County Cork give a lot to the ambience of the stones. The megaliths themselves will always leave an impression, but the scenery more often than not plays its part.

With the mist closing in at Reanascreena the stones did all the talking. A complete thirteen stone circle. What more can one ask for?

The stones range in height from 85cm to 150cm whilst the diameter of the circle is 9.25m.

These are the two portal stones.

Looking from behind the axial stone, with the main axis orientated eastnortheast/westsouthwest. There is also a barely visible small quartz stone in the centre.

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