Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Glantane East, Co Cork

As I was off to work at the Mallow Show, I left home a little earlier to give myself enough time to look for some of the stones at Glantane East, a townland which lies just north of Carriganimmy, between Macroom and Millstreet. This stone row sits in a field above the Keel River valley. The stones range in height from 90cm to 2.4m,  and are aligned ENE-WSW.

Nearby is this stone circle. A sign attached to the fence that surrounds the field indicates that the 4m high tall stone was erected in 1994 at the same time as the other tall stone that is now lying on the ground. The circle sits within a fosse, which is unusual for Cork's stone circles.

The circle consists of five standing and six fallen stones. The diameter here is 4.5m.

The area here is quite rich in megalithic monuments, with a wedge tomb nearby and another stone circle to the south, which I'd already unsuccessfully spent valuable time looking for. Alas, I had to carry on to Mallow, but maybe I'll come back to Glantane East another day.

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