Saturday, 5 March 2011

Carnac, Brittany

Carnac is where it all begins for me. Many a family summer holiday was spent at a campsite in Carnac Plage, and day trips out included visits to the stone rows of Kermario, Kerlescan and Menec, as well as various dolmens scattered across the Brittany countryside. Years later whilst I was living in Cornwall I had an impulse to return to Carnac for a short break. The first few pictures are from that trip in March 1992.

The three main groups of alignments consist of thousands of stones spread over a distance of three kilometres.

The tallest stones measure 4m, the shortest are only 60cm

I returned to Carnac in 2007 for another family holiday. How lucky to find myself in the Grand Menhirs campsite at Kermario! These last two pictures were taken late in the evening when all the other holidaymakers had left and we had all of the stones to ourselves.

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