Thursday, 23 August 2012

Maughanaclea, Co Cork

For over a decade I've driven down the Bantry line several times a week knowing that there were a few stone circles between Kealkil and the Cousane Gap. Back in May this year I finally took the right turn that would lead me towards the first circle, Maughanaclea SW. It was easy enough to find, a ten minute walk up a boreen and onto the northern slopes of the Maughnaclea Hills.

The five stones that make up the circle are accompanied by a standing stone that towers over them.

The alignment is ENE/WSW and the circle's diameter is about 2.5m. The standing stone is 2.7m tall.

Back to the Bantry Line, and just a few minutes heading east to a second circle in the townland. Maughanaclea E was even easier to find, being in a field beside a house just off from the road above the Owngar River Valley.

Twelve stones remain, five of these are prostrate. The stone srange in height from 0.8m to 1.6m, the circle diameter is 11.3m, the axis is NE/SW. I was informed by the house owner that several fallen stones had been re-erected thirty years or so previously.

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