Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vilajuïga, Catalunya

On a trip to Spain last summer, accompanied by my son I went for a day out near to the Cap de Creus peninsula in the northeast of Catalunya, not far from the border with France. Parking just outside of the village of Vilajuïga, we set off on the local megalthic trail to look for some dolmens. The first one we found, after perhaps twenty minutes walking, was the Dolmen de la Vinya del Rei. This was the biggest dolmen of the day, capped with a 4.15m x 2.95m stone.

Next stop and ten minutes or so up hill, was for the Dolmen del Garrollar.

Climbing a little higher still then brought us to the Dolmen de la Talaia.

Only 25m or so from the Dolmen de la Talaia is the Dolmen de les Ruïnes.

With a little more hiking we finally came to the last stop of the trail, the Dolmen de la Carena. I'll make note here that all five of these dolmens have their entrance facing towards the southwest.

Definitely a few hours well spent, helped by some good signposting for this megalith tour. Some great dolmens found in unspoilt, beautiful countryside.

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